The major laws related to the capital markets

Laws & Regulations

The law is an integral part of capital markets for it serves as a norm of conduct for investors and intermediaries.

The major laws related to the capital markets:

  • Securities & Exchange Ordinance 1969 :
  • This ordinance had been issued by the honorable President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh with an aim to protect investors interest and thus to regulate the capital market of Bangladesh.
  • Companies Act 1994 :
  • It governs COMPANY LAW in Bangladesh. It received the assent of the honorable President of the People's Republic of Bangladesh on 11 September 1994 and was published in the Bangladesh Gazette on 12 September 1994. The early history of company law of India was laid in the British Companies Act 1844 on the basis of which the Joint Stock Companies Act 1850, the first company law for the sub-continent, was formulated.
  • Corporate Governance Code :
  • Using best practices as its foundation, the Corporate Governance Code outlines the standards for the expectations for corporate boards in protecting shareholder investments.
  • The Exchange Demutualization Act of 2013 :
  • The act separates between trading rights and ownership rights between the earlier member of the country’s stock exchanges. Demutualization means turning a non-profit organization into a profit oriented organization and separating controlling functions from controller’s functions, empowering controller and taking decisions without being motivated by the market players.

Here you find the securities-related laws: