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Safe Investment Opportunity in IPO

Most people in Bangladesh prefer to keep their money in bank accounts, but little do

they realize that the money saved in the bank is being eaten up gradually due to the

difference between the bank deposit rate and the inflation rate. When banks offer a

lower interest rate on savings than the inflation rate, risk-averse people can choose to

invest in government securities like savings certificates, treasury bills, treasury bonds

etc. But these types of investments have very long tenure and also do not provide

sufficient returns to hedge against inflation. Besides, these instruments are not rapidly

convertible into cash anytime when needed. So in these circumstances, people can

think of investing in the stock market. But since stocks are very risky investments, the

general public tends to avoid investing in this market.

The general public can look for IPO investment opportunities to minimize these

problems. Investors have always been fond of investing in IPOs as it allows them to buy

the shares of a particular company at a comparatively better price from the primary

market. In addition, the investment in IPO generally offers the highest return in a very

short time compared to any other investment alternative.

Return Comparison for investments other than IPO

Instruments Return (%)
Savings Deposits 2-5%
Fixed Deposits 5-7%
Savings Certificate 9-12%
Treasury Bills 6-7%
Treasury Bonds 7-9%
Corporate Bonds 7-10%
IPO Investment Return (Potential and approximate)