The investment market is increasingly complex and sophisticated. Investors need a trusted and skillful partner to execute their investment strategies. With a solid track record spanning almost two decades, our success lies in our thorough understanding of our customers' needs and efficiency in executing platform.

RCL offers total investment solutions. Supported by frontline business and efficient operations, our customers can conveniently trade all products under one umbrella.

Our team of executives works round-the-clock to help customers capturing opportunities and optimizing returns. We provide full custodian services where stock dividends or bond coupons are credited into customer’s accounts. We provide timely statements where positions are clearly defined with detail information and ensure that customers' portfolios are properly designed.

Our service commitment is to connect investors with the markets in a meaningful and efficient manner. We take great pride in growing our business by working hand-in-hand and making partnership with our customers.

You can feel really special with the following services since no one else has these to make you a winner:

  • Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) services: Get your payment settled just staying at wherever you are!
  • 24/7 Call Center Services: Call at 16379 for anything you might want to share.
  • Downtime Risk Management Team: Makes you EASY when it’s HARD time in the market!
  • Financial Health Assessment: Get assessed and set your financial goals and strategies, and of course it’s Free of Cost!
  • Research and Innovation Lab (RIL): 360o Innovation driven Research that never lets you stay far from any new information!